Alpine Chorus 3.0 Brings Team-Based Data Science to Advanced Analytics

Alpine Data Labs, a provider of advanced analytics software on big data and Hadoop, has introduced Alpine Chorus 3.0, a collaborative analytics solution for big data.  “We are announcing the general availability of Alpine Chorus 3.0 which is focused on team-based data science," said Bruno Aziza, CMO, Alpine Data Labs. "We are bringing collaboration to the world of advanced analytics."

Alpine Chorus is a modern application that, the company says, resembles Facebook. It is code-free, requires no download and can be accessed by using any browser. The Chorus collaborative process allows people in the community to benefit from the data-cleansing and predictive modeling other users have put in before them.

“Part of the benefit is easy, accessible, scalable analytics and then on the other side where Chorus comes in is that you are doing this within a framework that isn’t just a single data scientist working alone, but actually in a shared collaborative environment,“ said Steven Hillion, chief product officer, Alpine Data Labs.

Alpine Chorus 3.0 provides built-in search capabilities so users can search all types of information including datasets, predictive models and data projects. Chorus also allows users to work throughout the entire data pipeline process from data transformation to data modeling and analysis.

The lightweight web-based application that allows users to build complex workflows and then build predictive models through a simple web-based interface that is built for big data from the ground up, Hillion noted.

More information on Alpine Data Labs Chorus 3.0 can be found at