Alteryx Announces New Project Edition of Strategic Analytics Software

Strategic analytics provider Alteryx, Inc. has announced Alteryx Project Edition, a free analytics solution designed to enhance the capabilities of business and data analysts. Compatible with all data sources, the Project Edition utilizes the newly available Alteryx Strategic Analytics 8.5 platofrm, enabling analyst to build, iterate and deploy an analytic workflow or application without the delay sand budget restrictions of legacy solutions. Users can create and run their analytic workflow and deliver their required output up to 15 times, or with incentives for additional output.

Line of business analysts using Project Edition benefit from the complete Alteryx Strategic Analytics platform. Analysts can integrate and cleanse data from any source (Excel, text files, Data Warehouses, Hadoop,, social media and more), removing lengthy IT and data warehouse processes and reducing data integration and cleansing times by up to 70% or more. “This is a way to allow business analysts to get the full power of Alteryx with no budget,” Paul Ross, VP of product and industry marketing at Alteryx, tells 5 Minute Briefing. According to the company, Alteryx Strategic Analytics Project Edition requires no coding and is easy-to-use, enabling analysts to leverage advanced capabilities and easily output and share results in multiple formats, including Excel, Tableau, reports, data files, or the Alteryx Analytics Gallery.

“It’s limited by the number of times you can run the product, but it is the full product. We’re looking to get this in the hands of the most people as possible and allow them to see the value of Alteryx through the full lifecycle of a specific analytics project,” Ross explains.

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