Alteryx Announces Strategic Analytics 8.5 with Deeper Insight into Customer Analytics

Alteryx, Inc., a provider of strategic analytics software, has announced Alteryx Strategic Analytics 8.5, designed to place powerful analytics into the hands of business analysts and decision makers. New features to the Alteryx platform include capabilities to drive social media data into any analytics, native creation of the Tableau Data Extract, and a new designer interface specifically designed for line-of-business users.

Alteryx Strategic Analytics 8.5 provides big data tools that allow users to inject social media into analytic apps. This release includes preview capabilities for Twitter, Yelp and Foursquare that can be added into any analytic workflow. “We specifically enable line-of-business analysts to be able to bring together data from any data source and deliver those analytics to line-of-business decision makers,” Paul Ross, Alteryx’s VP of product and industry marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Alteryx is also announcing a partnership with Gnip, a large provider of social media data, and integrating Gnip enterprise social media streams into analytic applications.

According to the vendor, Alteryx is the first analytic platform to deliver Tableau Data Extract files as a native output from an analytic process, leveraging the new Tableau Data Extract API. Building on the Alteryx and Teradata partnership, the latest release also enables greater customer value from Teradata Unified Data Architecture investments with support for Teradata Aster analytical capabilities and a new high-speed Teradata data warehouse connector which provides read/write capabilities. Additionally, a new Oracle database bulk loader enables Oracle customers to benefit from large-scale data blending.

A new user interface in Alteryx Strategic Analytics 8.5 provides a modern, intuitive analytic design experience. “We provide a single work flow that is completely based around drag-and-drop principles, advanced data blending and sophisticated analytics,” Ross explains. The platform aims to make it easy to integrate location intelligence into analytic applications with interactive mapping capabilities, and to allow deeper understanding of customer behavior with predictive tools such like market-based analysis and A/B testing.

Alteryx Strategic Analytics 8.5 is scheduled for availability in April 2013. For more information, visit