Alteryx Introduces New Solution to Deploy Predictive Models

Alteryx, a provider of self-service data analytics, is releasing a new solution called Alteryx Promote as a component of the Alteryx Analytics Platform. The new solution will empowers both data scientists and citizen data scientists to deploy predictive models directly into business systems via an API and then manage model performance over time.  

Alteryx Promote is the result of the company’s acquisition of Yhat, an end-to-end data science platform for developing, deploying, and managing real-time decision APIs.

"Alteryx Promote puts the power back in the hands of data scientists for model deployment,” says Dean Stoecker, CEO of Alteryx. “By making it easier and faster to get advanced analytics models deployed, we are bringing joy back to data scientists who love to solve complex business problems but have struggled with that ‘last mile’ of getting models in production.”

Alteryx Promote extends the advanced analytics capabilities of the Alteryx platform and offers benefits such as an end-to-end system to deploy and update predictive models without requiring IT support; the ability to embed predictive and machine learning models into production apps capable of using REST API requests faster and without recoding; and the ability to administer the models with flexible and scalable options, on-premises behind a firewall, or in a cloud environment.

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