Alteryx Launches Assisted Modeling Beta

Alteryx has introduced Assisted Modeling, an interactive guide built into the Alteryx Platform to walk users through the creation of machine learning models.

According to Alteryx, data-driven companies recognize the need for machine learning to succeed in business transformation, but struggle to advance analytic journeys as they continue to rely on data scientists and trained statisticians to build and apply advanced models.

With the introduction of Assisted Modeling, the company plans to expand the capabilities of analysts and citizen data scientists, delivering transparent machine learning in a code-free environment. Acknowledging the talent gap that exists between data scientists and data workers in the line of business, Assisted Modeling helps teach data science with a guided walk-through and aims to help all data workers, regardless of technical acumen, advance their skill sets in the process of building machine learning models.

As an output of the application, users can access code-free machine learning tools directly within the Alteryx Designer interface. Assisted Modeling allows any data worker to construct machine learning models, understand how and why their models work, and capture modeling decisions, turning raw data into informed business decisions with unprecedented speed and confidence.

Alteryx also announced the general availability of the newest version of the Alteryx Platform (2019.2), which adds features to improve data exploration and help data workers quickly identify actionable insights.

Key features and highlights of 2019.2 include:

  • Centralized data source connector: enables connections to every disparate data source through a single connection experience;
  • Interactive results grid: Sorts, searches, and filters data via a familiar spreadsheet experience directly within the Alteryx Designer results grid to ask better questions and get answers faster; and
  • Improved collaboration: Supports collaboration across silos with enhanced sharing permissions in Alteryx Server.

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