Alteryx Rolls Out New Data Cataloguing Platform, Combining Data Discovery with Collaboration

Alteryx, Inc., a provider of self-service data analytics solutions, is launching Alteryx Connect, a data exploration platform that empowers users to discover and collaborate on data assets, visualizations, reports, and workflows.

“We came up with a vision for what we think the market needs from a data cataloguing perspective,” said Bob Laurent, vice president of product marketing at Alteryx. “It’s more than just pulling in data from a variety of different places. We understood that the market needs more of a social piece to it as well so that it’s not just machines going out and scraping information, we also need that human element brought to it.”

With Alteryx Connect, organizations can capture data that has spread across an organization and present this knowledge back to business users so they can begin the analytics process using the best sources of information.

It’s a data cataloguing platform that adds social components, allowing users to form communities around their data, discuss, comment, like, and share the data, according to Laurent.

“It’s designed to sit at the beginning of an analytics challenge,” Laurent said. “This is a way to not only discover data, but also discover workflows, macros, or Tableau dashboards, or any number of different types of data sources.”

When available, Alteryx Connect will be an add-on to the Alteryx Server product.  This is in response to the Alteryx acquisition of Semanta earlier this year, which specialized in meta-data management and governance.

“We acquired the company and over the last few months we’ve been busy taking the core technology and some of their exisiting products and combining it with the technology in our products to create Alteryx Connect,” Laurent said. “It’s really a marriage of the two and what they bring to the table in terms of data cataloguing and what we have traditionally offered in terms of data prep, blending, analytics, and workflow design of our product.”

Alteryx Connect will extend the Alteryx data prep and analytics capabilities to users and allow them to share and collaborate on information within the organization; discover the full breadth of the analytic process, including data, apps, visualizations and dashboards; create organizational standards around where users can find, share, and collaborate on data; and minimize duplicate efforts and dramatically accelerate time-to-insight by reducing the time required to search for the best data.

Having different types of information in one place will make it easier for general business users and Alteryx is hoping to extend this platform to make it accessible to everyone.

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