Alteryx Self-Service Platform Helps Advance Data Science and Analytic Talent  

Alteryx has announced the general availability of the newest version of the Alteryx platform (2018.2). The release delivers new features across the platform to improve the analytic experience for IT, business analysts, and data scientists, improving how they collaborate and scale analytics across the organization, and also how they find and connect to data.

New capabilities allow IT to scale the platform globally so that multiple lines of business can benefit from a collaborative pipeline of insights and analytic models.

The new release enables an increased number of data sources to be used to develop repeatable workflows in Alteryx Designer—including Azure, Snowflake, and Microsoft Dynamics—and provides data scientists with a new Python SDK, and the ability to track and measure analytic model quality.

According to Alteryx, the platform was strategically designed to support all data workers across the organization, providing a code-free and code friendly environment, allowing users to advance their data science and analytic skills quickly, and empowering the line of business to leverage pre-built, repeatable workflows and templates.

Additional key features allow users to find and connect to data with new metadata loaders for Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, MySQL, Qlik Sense and QlikView, and there is also support for data sources such as Generic ODBC in-database (InDB), MySQL InDB, Snowflake Bulk and more—whether stored in the cloud, on-premises or both.

The new release also promotes self-service advanced analytics with added features to shepherd new users through introductory, guided sessions; access to the entire Alteryx community knowledge base via the community search bar, now available in Alteryx Promote and Alteryx Connect, in addition to Alteryx Designer.

Users can also collaborate at scale around the globe with added SAML support for Server and Connect, easing IT management via enterprise-wide single sign-on (SSO); extended language support for Japanese, in addition to French and German.

"Many users across an organization play a role in the analytic process, all with different needs, skillsets and objectives. We continue to make self-service analytics a reality, supporting more of the sources, systems and applications that these users require, whether they prefer a code-free or code-friendly experience," said Ashley Kramer, VP of product management at Alteryx. "This release helps bridge the gap between analysts, data scientists and IT teams, and provides the flexibility they need to drive greater efficiencies, collaboration and results throughout the full analytic lifecycle."

Alteryx also announced the opening of its beta program. For more information on the beta program or product features and pricing for 2018.2, visit