Alteryx Supercharges Self-Service Analytics with Support for More Data Platforms

Alteryx is releasing a new version of its self-service data analytics solution that offers support for a greater variety of data platforms and allows business users to achieve insights in hours.

“We look at a lot of different reports when talking with our customers and one of the data points that we see a lot of is a growing frustration of people that either can’t access the data that they need or - even if they can get access to the data - really can’t find an effective way to integrate it all together so they can make easy decisions,” said Bob Laurent, vice president of product marketing.

With this objective, Alteryx Analytics 10.5 supports data from Amazon Aurora, Google Sheets, Adobe Analytics, and, as well as in-database data blending for Apache Hive and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse.  It also offers enhanced integration with Tableau, expanded scalability with Alteryx Server, and added international capabilities.

“We allow these folks that sit in the line of business to prep and blend all the different types of data that they have access to and then analyze it all together in one repeatable workflow,” Laurent said. “Integration with Tableau will offer a much better experience for our end users. Once they open up a workflow in Tableau they will always have a way to get access to the latest information.”

Alteryx Analytics 10.5 also delivers additional features including access to cloud data and other big data sources and the ability to share and scale analytics. In addition, it expands the community of business analysts by integrating new international, third-party geospatial data and geocoding capabilities for Canada, the United Kingdom/Ireland, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and Brazil.

“This is really extending some of the capabilities, allowing these analysts to access even more diverse types of data and allowing them to drive, not only the insights they are able to achieve, but then take them and drive them across the organization and enable more people in the organization to take advantage of self-service data analytics,” Laurent said.

Data analysts and line-of-business users will benefit from these upgrades, according to Laurent.

“We’re giving analysts options,” Laurent said. “Everything in this release is really focused on being able to empower those line-of-business folks to prep and blend data from diverse datasets far more efficiently than they have in the past.”

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