Alteryx Unveils Visualytics to Share Data and Collaborate

Alteryx is updating its analytics platform (2018.3), introducing new features that will enhance how users prepare, analyze, share and collaborate on data across the organization.

The update reveals a new tool called Visualytics that will provide real-time, interactive visualizations across the Alteryx platform, enabling any data worker in an organization to easily visualize and understand their data throughout the entire analytics workflow, generating data-driven insights.

Data analysts can now see their data at any point along the workflow to identify errors or outliers, make more informed decisions and streamline the analytics process.

Inline Visualytics gives data scientists instant visual validation on the health of their analysis to maximize the effectiveness of business-critical models.

A new Interactive Chart Tool lets users easily create Visualytics outputs, such as charts and graphs, to share in a multitude of ways.

Analysts can create dashboards using the new Alteryx Insight Tool to combine multiple interactive charts together, then share with others for collaboration and discovery of further insights.

Additional key highlights of 2018.3 include: 

  • Smart asset recommendation in Alteryx Connect allows users to get to their next question and answer faster.
  • Enhanced Alteryx in-database Spark capabilities with new support for Databricks on Azure and HDInsight.
  • New caching capability allows users to get to answers quickly.
  • A new Python tool with Jupyter integration to further bridge the gap between data scientists and the business.
  • A more enterprise-friendly server allows users to set job priority levels and assign worker nodes, ensuring critical work is delivered on time.

“Visualytics is an important enhancement to our analytics platform that changes the game by allowing customers to stay in the flow of their analysis without having to jump between different experiences,” said Ashley Kramer, SVP of product management at Alteryx. “Visualytics provides the flexibility analysts and data scientists need to gain quick insights along the way, and to quickly and easily share with others.”

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