Alteryx and UiPath Expand Partnership to Automate End-to-End Analytic Processes

Alteryx and UiPath have expanded their strategic partnership and introduced new integrations with a connector as part of Alteryx’s recent product release. Together, Alteryx analytic process automation (APA) and UiPath robotic process automation (RPA) eases the process of digital transformation by unlocking the value from enterprise data.

As organizations modernize their infrastructure, data can remain trapped in legacy systems and other sources that lack the necessary APIs for access. Thanks to RPA, organizations with repetitive processes involving data residing in homegrown, older, or non-API systems can now achieve faster time to insights and reduce the risk of error.

“We are excited that our technology partnership with UiPath provides robust integration between analytics and RPA for more intelligent business processes,” said Suresh Vittal, chief product officer of Alteryx. “The newly released connector accelerates value for mutual customers by making it easy to invoke UiPath bots from within an Alteryx workflow, enabling automated analysis and augmented robotic intelligence to drive smarter business outcomes using every byte of data in the organization—even the ‘dark’ data hiding in legacy systems.”

With Alteryx and UiPath, organizations have achieved significant business outcomes, including the accelerated delivery of unemployment benefits to Florida residents early in the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The continued partnership with Alteryx, including the addition of the connector, emphasizes the strategic value the company brings to the UiPath technology partner ecosystem,” said Ted Kummert, executive vice president of product and engineering at UiPath. “By giving users the ability to execute a UiPath process directly in an Alteryx workflow and connecting that process with Alteryx’s data preparation and advanced analytics furthers the ability for UiPath to help data scientists and engineers gain access to all of the data they need, and in the shape that they need it.”

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