Alteryx is Bolstering its Self-service Analytics Abilities on Salesforce

Alteryx, Inc., a provider of self-service data analytics, is expanding its self-service analytics capabilities for analysts using the Salesforce platform.

“It’s really about expanding the capabilities we have for doing Salesforce data analytics,” said Rick Schultz, senior vice president of marketing, Alteryx.

Alteryx is improving its integration with Salesforce Wave Analytics as well as updating read/write capabilities across the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

With Alteryx, Salesforce users can prepare, blend and analyze data from any source, delivering it directly into Salesforce Wave Analytics to identify actionable insights. “They can now do data discovery within the Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud,” said Schultz.

Additionally, Alteryx revamped its data connector to Salesforce so now users can get results faster than ever before, according to Schultz. “What they need to be able to do is create a repeatable process so they can run very quickly, that can not only crunch their data but in some cases combine that data with other relevant information that may be sitting inside their ERP system or in a spreadsheet,” Schultz said. “We allow the analyst to be able to blend that data and we provide much faster access to Salesforce data in our product now.”

Salesforce Analytics Cloud was designed to connect to any external data source, enabling users to bring together and explore all relevant KPIs and business measures from a single custom dashboard.

Analysts in the marketing, sales, finance, and operations departments will benefit the most from this boost, Schultz explained.

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