Altosoft and Netezza Partner to Accelerate and Enhance Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions

Altosoft, a provider of process-aware business intelligence software solutions, has announced a partnership with Netezza Corporation, which develops and sells data warehouse and analytics appliances. As a result of the partnership, Altosoft's InsightBI business intelligence solution has been certified with the Netezza Performance Server (NPS) data warehouse appliances, and the two companies will collaborate on marketing and sales. Many Altosoft customers have already been running the company's software on Netezza appliances, and this partnership formalizes that combination by providing the market with a fully certified interoperable solution. While the two products are not physically bundled together and must still be purchased separately from the respective companies, their integration has been tested and proven and Altosoft is now a Certified Netezza Partner.

Netezza appliances provide a database-server-storage configuration in a purpose-built system designed to perform complex queries against large volumes of stored data. These appliances use massively parallel processing and an architecture that puts processing right inside storage to provide a solution that can deal with complex analytics against large data volumes. The benefits of this design include very fast query results, lower TCO, and greater ease-of-use.

Adding to the benefits of the Netezza infrastructure, Altosoft's InsightBI software platform brings the advantages of business process monitoring and analysis, agile data integration, and code-free software implementation via a drag-and-drop environment. "The current environment demands data warehousing and business intelligence solutions that are flexible, cost-effective, and low risk. Traditional BI projects, which can take a year or more to implement, are no longer acceptable," says Kevin Spurway, chief marketing officer for Altosoft. "By combining Netezza's simplified, high performance data warehousing appliances with Altosoft's agile, process-centric BI solutions, organizations can maximize the performance and operational impact of business intelligence while minimizing project risk and cost."

To learn more about Netezza data warehouse and analytics appliances, go here. For more about the Altosoft InsightBI software platform, go here and to learn more about Insight Studio, the Altosoft drag-and-drop configuration environment, go here.