Altova Releases Version 2010 of its MissionKit Development Tools Suite

Altova has announced the availability of Version 2010 of the Altova MissionKit, an integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools. Version 2010 delivers a large number of new features across the product line for XML editing, data mapping, visual stylesheet designing, UML modeling, database schema analysis, and comparing and merging XML and database content.

Several new features have been added to MapForce, which is the data mapping tool in Version 2010. Users can now process data from or into multiple files, making it easy to consolidate file collections or output data from one file to many. As a complement to this feature, input or output file names can now be used as parameters, enabling the user to generate dynamic mappings in which this information is defined at run-time. MapForce 2010 EDI support has also been enhanced with EDI file validation in generated code and support for three additional EDIFACT messages. MapForce also now supports working with WSDL 2.0 for building and connecting to web services, and supports the use of xsi:type in XML documents.

DatabaseSpy 2010 includes a powerful new visual database schema comparison feature that allows users to compare database schemas within the same database type, or across database types (all major relational databases are supported). DatabaseSpy 2010 displays differences between database schemas in a graphical manner, and users can generate a change script to merge changes in either direction. DatabaseSpy 2010 can also now convert database structures between different database types, for example, to migrate from MySQL to Oracle or SQL Server. Other often-requested usability features include calculation of information for selected results (count, total, average, sum, etc.) and result grid printing.

"The use cases for DatabaseSpy 2010 include synchronization between production and development database environments, database platform migrations, and the physical modeling of new database installations. MapForce 2010 enables data mapping and conversion, including multiple input and output sources in the same mapping," Alexander Falk, president and CEO for Altova, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

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