Amazon ElastiCache Serverless Now Available for Redis and Memcached

AWS is releasing Amazon ElastiCache Serverless, a new serverless option that allows customers to create a cache in under a minute and instantly scale capacity based on application traffic patterns.

ElastiCache Serverless is compatible with two popular open-source caching solutions, Redis and Memcached.

ElastiCache Serverless can be used as a cache for even the most demanding workloads without spending time in capacity planning or requiring caching expertise, according to AWS.

ElastiCache Serverless constantly monitors users’ application’s memory, CPU, and network resource utilization and scales instantly to accommodate changes to the access patterns of workloads it serves.

Users can create a highly available cache with data automatically replicated across multiple Availability Zones and up to 99.99% availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) for all workloads, which saves time and money, according to the company.

With ElastiCache Serverless, there are no upfront costs, and users pay for only the resources used.

Amazon ElastiCache Serverless is now available in all commercial AWS Regions, including China.

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