AmberPoint Introduces "Business Transaction Safety Net"

AmberPoint, an SOA management systems vendor, announced new advancements to its platform for monitoring and managing business transactions across interconnected enterprise applications. AmberPoint's Business Transaction Management (BTM) solution introduces a concept the vendor calls a "Business Transaction Safety Net," which includes active transaction recording, a transaction search engine, and transaction logging and auditing capabilities.

AmberPoint traces each transaction end-to-end across distributed application streams such as claims processing, user provisioning or procurement systems, discovering any transaction failures and quickly isolating the root cause.

"A partner who's using your system may be getting a set of errors. They will in turn talk to whoever their business contact is and ask, ‘what's going wrong?' and the operations guys turn around and talk to the IT guys and say, 'hey this application that is running there isn't working properly,' " Ed Horst, vice president of marketing and product strategy at AmberPoint, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "It now becomes this kind of gigantic needle in a haystack problem. How do you find the problem in this overall distributed environment? How can you find this needle in a distributed environment?"

AmberPoint says it has extended its Business Transaction Management capabilities to employ a non-invasive "message fingerprinting" approach to dynamically trace business transactions as they flow through composite applications-in real time. The platform enables organizations to establish service-level agreements for transactions and manage their systems to meet those goals, the vendor adds. In addition, the solution provides real-time alerting for lost, failed, non-compliant and fraudulent transactions.

In addition, AmberPoint announced enhanced platform support for its BTM solution. Platforms supported now include Apache ServiceMix, JBoss Application Server, JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, Oracle WebLogic Server 10, SAP NetWeaver clusters, and TIBCO BusinessWorks.

AmberPoint also is introducing support for IBM DataPower appliances, which function as XML transaction accelerators, security devices, and as enterprise service buses. "Traffic that's flowing through those appliances will contribute to this same picture," Horst says. "You'll be able to search that transaction history that comes through DataPower appliances. And we do this without having to install software on the DataPower appliances."

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