Amplitude Introduces New Features to Help Data Leaders Scale Experimentation

Amplitude, Inc. announced it is expanding its suite of product features for Amplitude Experiment to better support data leaders as they improve their organization’s experimentation practices.

Built upon Amplitude’s Digital Analytics Platform and natively integrated with Amplitude Analytics, Amplitude Experiment helps data leaders unite analytics, experimentation, and new program management capabilities to scale their experimentation programs faster and further, according to the vendor.

“Leading organizations have identified how to scale experimentation effectively, consistently measuring the impact of every feature they ship as they aim to build better products,” explained Justin Bauer, chief product officer at Amplitude.

New experimentation capabilities include:

  • Experiment Groups: Scale experimentation without compromising results or customer experience. Separate subsets of users from every test with Mutual Exclusion Groups to ensure users are not subjected to colliding experiments, which obscures results. With Holdout Groups, designate a set of users as a control group to understand the cumulative effects across multiple experiments.
  • Formula Metrics: Data analysts can build formula-based metrics that ensure consistent insights and faster, coordinated action without needing engineering teams to update data pipelines.
  • Controlled-experiment Using Pre-existing Data (CUPED): Automatically reduce experiment variance with pre-experiment data to reach statistical significance faster, with less traffic. With CUPED, teams can better understand how product changes impact different customer segments.
  • Data Quality Checklist: Trust results by easily monitoring for experiment design, implementation, instrumentation, and statistical integrity issues proactively.

“With the enhancements we're making today—and our native integration with Amplitude Analytics—we’re making it easier for teams to scale their A/B testing programs without sacrificing quality or overburdening data teams," added Bauer. "With every leader focused on ROI, Amplitude Experiment is an obvious choice. It drives business value quickly while eliminating duplicative vendor costs and reducing data spend.”

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