Anaconda Enterprise Adds Apache Zepplin Support

Anaconda is enriching its flagship platform with a number of enhancements in Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), GPU resource management, source code control, and numerous bug fixes.

One of the biggest new benefits is the addition of Apache Zeppelin notebooks, popular with data engineers and those running database queries on Spark/Hive and JDBC data sources.

Zeppelin includes support for more than 20 interpreters for data ingestion, discovery, and visualization.

Zeppelin joins Anaconda Enterprise’s existing support for Jupyter and JupyterLab notebooks, and users can set the chosen IDE for each individual project, as well as a per-user default.

Zeppelin is also fully integrated into Anaconda Enterprise’s source code control extensions, so that work is easily checked in and users can collaborate without corrupting each others’ work.

Anaconda Enterprise 5.2.2 also has a number of improvements as well. Anaconda improved the external Git server integration to make it simpler to store and clone projects in existing Atlassian Bitbucket, Github Enterprise, or GitLab systems.

In 5.2.2, Anaconda provides controls for allocation to ensure that (for example) GPU jobs are not blocked due to lack of CPU resources on a cluster node, and that CPUs can be optimally utilized on nodes that also contain GPUs.

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