Anaconda Partners with Microsoft to Provide Data Science Python Programs

Anaconda, Inc., a Python data science platform provider, is partnering with Microsoft to embed Anaconda into Azure Machine Learning, Visual Studio and SQL Server to deliver data insights in real time.

“We’re creating a new Python distribution,” said Mathew Lodge, SVP of products and Marketing. “This is something that Microsoft can embed in their products so that you can run data science Python programs inside of Microsoft products and services.”

Microsoft and Anaconda will partner to deliver Anaconda for Microsoft, a subset of the Anaconda distribution available on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Anaconda, Inc. will also offer a range of support options for Anaconda for Microsoft.

Anaconda for Microsoft will initially be included in Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Machine Learning Server, Visual Studio and SQL Server.

 In SQL Server, data scientists will be able to run Python code inside the database, eliminating the need to export data for processing. This accelerates the performance of Python data science on SQL Server, and improves data security and confidentiality.

As part of the agreement, Anaconda will also make Microsoft R Open packages available by default to Anaconda users who also use the R language using Anaconda’s R Essentials package.

Additionally, Visual Studio Code, R Client and R Tools for Visual Studio Code will be added to the Anaconda Navigator, which helps orient data scientists to the Anaconda ecosystem.

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