Analysis: It’s Cheaper to Secure an IBM z System

To build an understanding of the IBM z’s benefits, IBM engaged Solitaire Interglobal Ltd. (SIL) to conduct surveys, gather data, and perform analysis of IBM z mainframe platform implementations.

The analysis found a noticeably lower security staffing level for IBM z deployments, directly attributable to the integrated nature of the z operational stack. “This is of special note as an organization increases in size or if an organization is on the path to a cloud service delivery model,” according to the analysis. IBM z requires 88.35% less security staff time than other alternatives, the report estimates.

The expenditures for z security implementations are as much as 83.72% lower than for those of other platforms, the report also states. “This stems partially from the combination of the architected security base and a highly scalable platform.”

IBM z security solutions provides as much as 13.21 times the interception level of alternative platform solutions, the analysis adds. Additionally, the z solution provides a base, foundational protection that exceeds 92.1 percent, even without the bolt-on supplementation required for alternate architectures.

SIL also states that the advent of pervasive encryption radically changes not only the safeguard that’s available on the z offerings, but the industry in general.

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