Apica Forwards Affordable, Agile Data Observability Mission with $10M Funding and Strategic Acquisition

Apica, the synthetic monitoring and observability company, is announcing the achievement of several proprietary milestones, including the acquisition of observability data fabric start-up LOGIQ.AI and the conclusion of the company’s most recent funding round—accumulating a total of $10 million. Both the acquisition and recent funding will boost Apica’s mission to deliver agile and affordable observability solutions, emphasizing “active observability” as the company’s main focus.

The Apica Ascent platform—which combines active monitoring with load testing to solve the most complex digital performance challenges—acts as a superior indexing tool that aggregates data, according to the company.

The company’s flagship strategy, active monitoring, unites both observability and synthetic monitoring, empowering proactive, iterative testing of applications and services to mitigate against data gaps and infuse business data with appropriate context.

“[Active observability] helps enterprise organizations actively monitor, analyze and understand the behavior, performance, and state of their complex system in near real-time,” said Jason Haworth, CPO at Apica.

LOGIQ.AI’s powers lie in indexing data from any source, greatly accelerating and lowering the costs of data analysis. Accompanied further by infinite scalability and deep integrations, the acquisition “was a strategic move for us [Apica] to continue to provide value to our customers and meet their observability needs,” explained Haworth.

The acquisition of LOGIQ.AI offers the Apica Ascent platform a few key capabilities that ultimately forward Apica’s company mission to provide flexible, comprehensive, low-cost data observability. LOGIQ.AI positions Apica’s platform to provide its users with complete data pipeline control, centralizing data with infinite, high-quality storage. The resulting effects include faster root cause analysis and eliminating vendor lock-in, all at a lower, more affordable cost.

“With LOGIQ joining Apica’s toolset, customers will have the ability to organize, contextualize, query, and repurpose their high-cardinality data sources for their business needs regardless of data source or destination,” said Haworth. “Tools are only as valuable as the data they produce, and Apica will help customers get the most out of their existing tools and data, providing a framework that is vendor agnostic and can be rapidly evolved to support emerging business dynamics.” 

In addition to the acquisition, Apica’s funding will be leveraged to support business expansion, research and development, product innovation, talent acquisition, and operational growth, propelling Apica’s ability to bring about greater, more robust understanding of a customer’s unique data estate.

“We are offering active observability on customers’ terms,” Haworth continued. “We can give you observability at a low cost that scales to exabytes and gives you your data in context when and how you need it. We're also stacking all this functionality into our data lakes and indexers while embracing open standards such as OpenTelemetry. This allows us to be application-, device-, service-, and vendor-agnostic. Having these pieces in place lets us be that decoder ring that other vendors in the space just can't do.”

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