AppFormix and Intel Take on “Noisy Neighbors” in Cloud

AppFormix has integrated Intel Resource Director Technology (Intel RDT) into its performance monitoring platform, delivering performance improvements that address the “noisy neighbor” problem common to multi-tenant cloud environments. Intel RDT technology is available in the recently announced Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v4 product family.

Cloud operators running servers powered by the new Intel Xeon processor E5 v4 family, with AppFormix software, will be able to monitor application performance at the processor level, providing visibility into and control over application performance in real time.

"Multi-tenant production environments pose a difficult challenge for cloud operators,” said Richard Uhlig, Intel Fellow and director of Systems and Software Research in Intel Labs. “Ensuring consistent performance is not an easy task in an environment where many resources are shared. Additional monitoring insight and control over how shared processor resources such as the L3 cache are used is important, and Intel RDT coupled with AppFormix software provides an important example of how to combine real-time visualization, monitoring and control features into an orchestration toolkit to enhance operator visibility, telemetry and prioritization capabilities."

The combination of AppFormix software with Intel RDT capabilities is designed to yield benefits in software-defined infrastructure. These enable the prioritization of important containers, VMs or applications, as well as the detection and mitigation of noisy neighbors. It also improves the workflow between infrastructure maintainers and software developers in a modern, collaborative DevOps environment.

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