AppNeta Strengthens Monitoring Capabilities for the Largest Enterprise Networks

AppNeta, a provider of network performance monitoring, has added product updates. The latest round of improvements provides multi-path visibility into the largest, most complex and dynamic networks in the world, combined with new abilities around API monitoring, easier integration, advanced configuration, and enhanced route alerting, have led to faster time to value across the entire customer base.

"There's nothing worse than a management system that needs to be managed in order to remain relevant," said Matt Stevens, CEO of AppNeta. "In today's multi-cloud world, every action can have an equal or opposite reaction further down the value delivery chain. We've scaled AppNeta Performance Manager to empower forward-leaning networking leaders to stay ahead of the exploding demands placed upon them without worrying if their visibility fabric can keep up with the business."

According to the company, the new capabilities are inresponse to increases in network complexity being felt globally and across industries. From Multi-Protocol Label Switching to regional backhauls to internet breakouts with SD-WAN, there are hundreds of considerations that enterprise IT must balance when it comes to user connectivity, network flexibility, and security. With global enterprises turning to hybrid multi-cloud architectures to tie all of these considerations together, AppNeta Performance Manager aims to allow teams to build visibility and observability into any new tech deployments. This gives enterprise IT the context they need to zero-in on issues before they impact users.

With AppNeta's multipath route visualization, the platform combines active, multi-protocol route detection to identify all Layer 3 hops with a Border Gateway Protocol data collection service. Routes are correlated with the Autonomous System networks they belong to in order to observe high-level network changes and reduce alert chatter within single-AS networks when route changes don't correspond with performance degradation. AppNeta has also released new capabilities that allow teams to configure monitoring over multiple interfaces from a single device for ECMP, SD-WAN, and other routing architectures. This was in response to early feedback from teams managing some of the largest, globally-distributed networks on the planet.

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