Appdome Secures Automated Testing for Mobile Apps

Appdome, the cyber defense automation company for the mobile app economy, is launching a new capability within its cyber defense platform—Build-to-Test—which empowers developers of mobile apps to optimize the testing of cybersecurity features within their projects. This addition represents a part of Appdome’s Dev2Cyber initiative, driven toward deploying secure mobile apps around the world.

According to the company, oftentimes, CI/CD pipelines enable testing services to be automated for widespread validation across mobile devices and OS versions; however, these automated services may utilize tools and strategies that violate cybersecurity policies or threaten to impact security validity.

To remediate this cybersecurity threat, Build-to-Test enables Appdome-protected mobile apps to identify when automated testing suites are currently active—as well as when they are completed without interruption by a vendor—providing a log of all security events consumable by the developer. This new feature extends Appdome’s support for automated mobile testing services, ultimately allowing mobile apps to recognize the testing vendor and securely run tests without interruption, according to the company.

"We've always supported automated testing," said Chris Roeckl, chief product officer at Appdome. "Build-to-Test solves one of the last operational challenges of testing mobile applications at scale and maintains end-to-end security in the mobile DevSecOps pipeline."

Build-to-Test enables fully automated testing for Appdome protected mobile apps accompanied by fully automated testing services to validate cyber defenses. This serves to mitigate complexity when testing protected mobile apps in automated environments, while also removing the need to test protected and unprotected builds separately.

"Mobile developers want to test complete Android and iOS builds that include cyber and anti-fraud defenses," said Jamie Bertasi, chief customer officer at Appdome. "Our goal is to remove every ounce of friction that stands in the way of protecting the mobile app economy."

Build-to-Test is now available with Appdome-DEV and Appdome-SRM licenses and is currently compatible with all major mobile app testing services, including Microsoft App Center, Sauce Labs, BitBar, LambdaTest, and BrowserStack.

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