Appeon for PowerBuilder 6.2 Provides Updated User Interface and Expanded Platform Support

Appeon Corporation has announced the latest version of Appeon for PowerBuilder, a leading web-enablement solution for Sybase PowerBuilder. Appeon for PowerBuilder provides a fast and low cost approach to web-enabling PowerBuilder applications, and according to Appion, version 6.2 is the most powerful and flexible version to date, offering enhanced PowerBuilder support, an updated user interface, and expanded platform support.

Appeon's customer base of nearly 1,000 and 9 years on the market has helped define and shape the product roadmap considerably, Armeen Mazda, president and CEO of Appeon, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We are fortunate to have such a large pool of PB developers looking to web-enable their apps in a rapid timeframe," he adds, noting that Appeon is used by Fortune 500, government, software vendors, as well as SMEs, because the product delivers real-world value.

Version 6.2 is the culmination of years of experience with sophisticated data-driven PowerBuilder applications. As such, it can automatically convert up to 95% of PowerBuilder code and commonly used objects including sophisticated frameworks such as PFC. It supports powerful user interface constructs typically absent from web applications, such as drag-and-drop, rich-text editor, multi-tasking windows, and seamless integration with desktop software and hardware, according to Appeon.

In addition to being more powerful, the product has gone through a facelift automatically applying a Vista Aero style user interface to the web application without requiring any code changes. "But Appeon is more than a pretty face," says Mazda. "Appeon has been delivering rich web applications before people were throwing around terms such as AJAX and RIA. We have been the pioneer of delivering RIA capabilities to PB developers." Although RIA looks nice, the true value is the enhanced user productivity and satisfaction, according to Mazda.

Appeon's product aims to help PB developers embrace the latest technologies without the traditional expense of a "scrap and rewrite," Mazda emphasizes, explaining that the latest technologies such as RIA, .NET and Java are put into the hands of the PB developers without painful sacrifice. Developers do not need to waste time and energy learning a new programming language or work with different tools, he notes. "Appeon is about knocking down barriers. We leverage existing investments, skills, and people, then bridge the gap between today and tomorrow."

Appeon for PowerBuilder supports web deployment from PowerBuilder to both Java and .NET platforms. It currently supports Windows, Linux, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, and Sun Solaris operating systems. In addition, it supports all leading databases from Sybase, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft. For more information or to obtain a free trial version, visit the Appeon website.