Appfluent Expands Data Usage Analysis in Visibility Version 5.5

The latest release of Appluent Visibility includes two new features that the vendor says provide organizations with the means to implement an effective data management strategy that will help boost performance and contain rising IT costs. The big data analytics solution allows IT organizations to gain insight into workload and data utilization within all of their data warehouse systems to help reduce costs.

One key new capability in Visibility version 5.5 is insight into IBM PureData Systems for Analytics powered by Netezza, which adds to its existing analytics on business activity and data usage across platforms Teradata, Oracle Exadata, and IBM DB2. The other new capability offered in the new release is date range analysis which allows organizations to look back and examine the history of data usage within large tables in data warehouse systems.

According to Appfluent, its technology enables companies to put the right workload on the right system, across data warehouses, business intelligence, and Hadoop. “We are helping large organizations integrate Hadoop into their current analytic infrastructure to significantly reduce cost and enable new analytic capabilities,” said Frank Gelbart, president and CEO, Appfluent.

Gelbart added that this latest Visibility version 5.5 benefits customers by “giving them a single solution to manage all of their different database systems and to identify data that is never used or infrequently used that can be moved off to Hadoop to save millions of dollars annually.”

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