Application Modernization Initiatives at Federal Agencies Get Jumpstart with Unisys Subscription-Based Service Platform

Unisys has announced the Application Modernization Platform as a Service (AMPS) offering, a subscription-based service to help federal government agencies reduce the cost, complexity, risk and time of modernizing their legacy software applications.

The platform, managed and monitored by Unisys, can be implemented via a cloud infrastructure or hosted onsite, enabling federal organizations to shorten the time associated with typical enterprise platform integration and procurement.

AMPS is the latest solution in the Unisys application modernization portfolio that includes advisory, security and outsourcing solutions to help clients to keep pace with innovation while protecting their investments in existing mission-critical applications.

AMPS delivers an open, standards-based architecture to allow clients to incrementally modernize applications, using an optimized shared service application development process.

The Unisys AMPS offering combines services, IT infrastructure, and applications from leading providers such as EMC, Red Hat, Terremark, and SOA Software - all available via a cloud-based subscription model with full security and IT governance.

"The AMPS platform builds on Unisys' strength in mission-critical computing to enable federal organizations to accelerate their application modernization initiatives by sidestepping traditional constraints that can slow progress,"  says Gene Zapfel, managing partner for portfolio solutions, Unisys Federal Systems. "AMPS significantly reduces capital expenditure and reduces total cost of ownership, which are especially important as federal IT budgets remain tight. Unisys AMPS offers agencies a path to incrementally modernize their enterprise applications and create more cost-effective shared services."

Because it is offered via a pay-per-use subscription model, the Unisys AMPS solution eliminates the need for upfront software licensing, hardware infrastructure, and systems integration typically associated with a large-scale IT initiative. The AMPS model also reduces costs related to in-house systems maintenance, management and upgrades. The solution delivers the economies of cloud computing, providing an environment that can scale as the agency expands its application modernization initiative.

AMPS will be supported by skilled teams of software and service experts at locations throughout the U.S., including the new Unisys Application Modernization Center of Excellence in St. Louis, Missouri, which provides advanced services for building, operating, and maintaining innovative software applications for Unisys federal government and commercial clients.

Unisys is planning to extend the platform worldwide and to commercial clients in 2011. For more information on AMPS for the federal sector, go to