Applitools Releases AI Powered Visual Testing Platform

Applitools, a provider of AI Powered end-to-end Visual Testing and monitoring, is releasing Applitools Ultrafast Visual Grid, providing a testing platform to drive enterprise-wide management of both functional and visual app quality.

With the release of the Ultrafast Visual Grid, Applitools now delivers a low-code, super reliable, ultrafast, and easy-to-use testing and monitoring platform to support developers, test automation engineers, manual QA, marketing, and digital transformation teams for any size company.

Applitools Eyes’ core test management, auto maintenance, and dashboard functionality allow anyone on the team to author, fix, analyze results and maintain tests easily.

The Root Cause Analysis feature allows any user to spot bugs easily and identify the root cause issue in the underlying code.

And now, Applitools Ultrafast Visual Grid leverages Visual AI to instantly validate all app elements on all screens eliminating brittle test code and bloated functional test scripts.

Applitools Ultrafast Visual Grid supports Selenium Java, Selenium Javascript, Selenium C#, Selenium Python, Selenium Ruby, Selenium IDE, Webdriver IO, Cypress and Storybook.

Additional SDKs will follow quickly with plans to support all 50+ SDKs by the end of 2019. Running existing tests on the new Ultrafast Visual Grid does not require any code changes. It simply boosts the performance of existing tests by executing them 30 to 70 times faster in a much more stable and less flaky environment.

Applitools new AI powered end-to-end platform allows teams to continuously test and monitor every aspect of the app before, during and after every code change, with a single open-ended assertion that invokes Visual AI and runs visual validations on an Ultrafast Visual Grid for multiple browsers, operating systems, and viewports

“Existing test tools, frameworks and grids are fine for basic data entry and app navigation, but they are code heavy, brittle, slow, expensive and break easily when an app is evolving. That makes them ill-suited to the continuous quality needs of today,” said Gil Sever, co-founder and CEO of Applitools. “Applitools platform, which includes Applitools Eyes AI-Powered Visual Testing and Monitoring tool, together with Applitools Ultrafast Visual Grid, now enables AI powered end-to-end Visual Testing and Monitoring with a fraction of the code, much shorter release cycles and AI features. This helps provide better app quality - drastically improving the clarity, speed and collaboration of communication among dev teams needed to eliminate the QA bottleneck.”

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