Apps Associates Launches Apps Pack for Oracle

Apps Associates, an Oracle cloud migration and managed services provider, is releasing Apps Pack, a proprietary suite of diagnostic and management tools for comprehensive control over the entire IT environment.

Built to help IT decision makers (ITDMs) generate more value from their Oracle software, Apps Pack includes independent, yet easily configurable tools, including SmartDog, WatchDog, Bloodhound, and Retriever, that provide real-time diagnostics and enhanced visibility within one integrated console.

“The discussion is starting to shift from ‘how do I migrate to the cloud’ to ‘how do I optimize my technology environment to make the most of my investment?’ As enterprises adapt to the complexities of the modern technology landscape, limited visibility into the holistic environment leaves these businesses at risk of overspending and cloud sprawl,” said Adrian King, CEO, Apps Associates. “Juggling licensing and compliance, optimization, business intelligence reporting, and more, IT professionals are looking for tools to help yield better data-driven decision making. Apps Pack was developed to address this urgent need and ensure ITDMs generate maximum value from their Oracle investment.”

Each tool in the Apps Pack supports a different aspect of the modern, complex technology stack, from ensuring ongoing health and optimization to licensing:

  • SmartDog provides real-time diagnostics and secure, 360-degree visibility into your hosted environment through one central console. For teams operating Oracle enterprise workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the console streamlines management with easy integration to AWS and other support tool APIs. ITDMs can view AWS instances in real-time and access a variety of key functions, such as monitoring data, operations and optimization dashboards and AWS cost management. For companies leveraging Oracle Cloud applications, SmartDog makes managed services more seamless than ever before with easy access to support tickets, troubleshooting status and more.
  • WatchDog scans the entire Oracle EBS or Oracle SaaS environment to identify system errors and key business conditions undermining the operational effectiveness of the system. It generates in-depth reports on software and creates an action plan for maximizing the technology stack, rather than paying for applications that go unused. WatchDog takes the guesswork out of reporting with ongoing access to business intelligence.
  • Bloodhound takes a snapshot of your Oracle EBS system and provides valuable insight into the applications, extensions and customizations leveraged by the IT team. Bloodhound can sniff out problematic integrations and customizations, enabling ITDMs to make better decisions around management of the Oracle EBS environment.
  • Retriever is Apps Associates’ approach to Oracle software asset management that helps manage license risk. Designed to help ITDMs gain clarity around Oracle licenses owned, Retriever helps optimize utilization of licenses and documents deployments. Licensing is an ongoing pain point for ITDMs, given data that demonstrates that 80% of Oracle users believe an Oracle audit is likely. With Retriever, enterprises can save time and money through end-to-end support on initial license agreements, audit preparation and ULA renewals/certifications.

The SmartDog console and Apps Pack tools are designed to address specific business needs around business intelligence, licensing, maintenance, management and more.

Available independently as one-off assessments, or included as part of Infrastructure Managed Services (IMS) or Application Managed Services (AMS) from Apps Associates, there are many configurations and few dependencies, ensuring that any organization can leverage these tools to optimize their technology stack.

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