Appsian Announces Security and Compliance Analytics Platform for Oracle E-Business Suite

Appsian, a provider of ERP data security and compliance software, has announced that its security and compliance analytics platform, Appsian360, will feature support for Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS). Appsian360 will provide Oracle EBS customers with the ability to gain deep insight into who is accessing business data—when, how, and why. This insight closes a critical visibility gap that can leave organizations exposed to security and compliance threats.

"When Oracle EBS customers enable remote access, they need to ensure their data remains secure, yet accessible so business processes are not restricted," said Piyush Pandey, Appsian CEO. "Unfortunately, hackers and malicious insiders are compromising data and business processes at an increased rate because they know that no one is really watching the activity around data. Currently, Oracle EBS customers lack the granular visibility to easily discern normal employee activity from malicious activity, which leads to significant financial losses each year."

"What makes Appsian360 so unique is that it provides actionable insights into who is doing what, where, and why—at a granular level," added Pandey. "Activity logs are only as useful as the insights they provide, and Appsian360 enriches Oracle EBS logs with the valuable context, aggregation, and visualization required to enable a rapid response to a threat."

Originally released in 2018, Appsian360 was designed to provide visibility for PeopleSoft and SAP ERP customers. Realizing that data access and usage insights had significant value across multiple functions, Appsian has spent the last 2 years strengthening current functionality, along with expanding the offering to other ERP platforms such as Oracle EBS.

"Appsian360 was designed to give leaders across multiple functions, like IT, security, auditing, and various lines of business, rapid, actionable insight into how their data is being accessed," said Greg Wendt, executive director of security solutions at Appsian. "We pride ourselves on being able to address a very serious problem that was largely going ignored for the broader ERP market. Everyone knows data access and usage information was largely a mystery – we're pleased to shed light on an otherwise dark area for security and compliance leaders."

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