Appsian Security Acquires JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite Security Specialist

Appsian Security, a global provider of ERP data security and compliance software, has announced the acquisition of Q Software, a compliance software provider for JD Edwards, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle ERP Cloud. The acquisition provides a strategic opportunity for Appsian Security and Q Software to expand their current capabilities while delivering additional value to their existing customers.

Q Software has long supported JD Edwards customers in managing risk and demonstrating regulatory compliance. The Q Software platform includes a suite of solutions for auditing licenses, managing segregation of duties, fraud detection, and role-based security.

“Q Software has provided the JD Edwards community with the strongest set of GRC audit tools available,” said Mike Ward, CEO of Q Software. “But as organizations increasingly use multiple ERP systems, it’s more critical than ever to ensure that internal controls are effective across a distributed environment, and proactive controls are in place to prevent risk in real-time. Appsian Security adds a best-of-breed approach for protecting data if threats are detected and will help give our customers greater visibility into the access and usage of their data.”

This Appsian Security’s second acquisition in less than 6 months, as the company continues to expand its reach into ERP security, risk, and compliance. As an established leader in ERP data security, Appsian Security has built its brand in the Oracle and SAP markets by providing sophisticated access controls, data masking, and threat detection and response capabilities.

“Protecting ERP data is no longer just an IT or security concern, but an objective across the enterprise,” said Piyush Pandey, CEO of Appsian Security. “By acquiring best-in-class software providers like Q Software, we’re able to integrate our security capabilities with the established platforms ERP customers are using to manage user access, perform segregation of duties, and maintain audit readiness. All of these solutions, working together in one platform, can help the entire enterprise streamline and consolidate how they protect their business-critical data.”

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