Appvance Ships DevOps Testing Tools Platform

Appvance announced it is shipping a DevOps-driven software test automation platform, Appvance UTP. Initially announced in May, Appvance UTP is a unified software test automation platform that is designed to eliminate the redundancies created by traditional QA silos that clog DevOps teams.

With Appvance UTP, a test can be repurposed for use in another test type, essentially eliminating the old siloed tools, and finally allowing teams to work and collaborate together. Unit tests can be quickly data-driven to increase code coverage, and use-case-driven dynamic security testing can shift left, among dozens of additional productivity enhancements.

"The old test automation and open source tools were not built for rapid test creation and ultra-fast test maintenance, so DevOps quickly hits the now-common QA Wall,” said Appvance CEO Kevin Surace. “Appvance UTP changes how we think about software QA automation, and can improve team productivity by 10X to 100X depending on a team's starting point."

Key benefits to Appvance UTP include write-once methodology that is intended to enable any functional test to be re-used for performance, load, compatibility, app-penetration, and synthetic APM. In addition, the tool is designed to enable integration with Jenkins, Hudson, Rally, Bamboo and Jira allows users to kick off tests automatically at builds.

The solution also enables testing operations for applications built on HTML5, Java thick clients, Swing/AWT/SWT, mobile, SOAP/REST services, corporate apps, Oracle forms-fuse-fusion, Windows thick clients, Java FX, AngularJS, advanced JS canvas apps, Tableau apps, messaging platforms and most enterprise applications.

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