Arab Investment Bank – Egypt Selects Temenos T24 to Achieve Expansion Goals using jBASE Technology

Temenos, a provider of solutions to the financial services industry, has announced that Arab Investment Bank – Egypt (AIBK) has selected T24, Temenos’ core banking system to support its expansion plans. 
The underlying run-time and database of the bank’s implementation is jBASE, according to Clive Ketteridge, general manager of jBASE at Temenos. "The biggest difference between jBASE and all of the other MultiValue implementations is that jBASE does not use a Virtual Machine. jBASE runs natively on an operating system so it does not incur the overhead or the inconvenience of running interpreted code in its own, enclosed, environment like other MultiValue databases."
According to Ketteridge, "A jBASE program is compiled and cataloged as an operating system level executable that can be called from any other piece of executable code capable of calling external routines. Most importantly, once compiled, interoperability with third-party applications and drivers is seamless and native — there are no APIs in the way. Running natively with the host operating system ensures that new technologies are easily supported. The open architecture puts the customer in control, provides them with choice and is completely protected going forward.”
One of the prerequisites for the Temenos T24 banking application is the jBASE open connectivity technology integrated with the banking functionality and coupled with an open database such as Oracle, IBM’s DB2, Microsoft’s SQL Server or jBASE, which provides clients with options in terms of future direction, said Ketteridge. Since 2000, T24 has shipped exclusively with integrated jBASE technology.
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