ArangoDB Updates Flagship Platform with the Ability to Leverage More Data

ArangoDB, an open source native multi-model database, is releasing ArangoDB 3.5, providing new features that allow its growing customer base to more easily query, secure, and search their data sets across multiple data models.

ArangoDB 3.5 brings updates to both the Community Edition, which is fully open source under the Apache 2.0 license, as well as the Enterprise Edition, ArangoDB’s commercial offering that includes features to help more easily secure and scale ArangoDB across an organization.

“Developers tell us that they increasingly need to leverage multiple data models for their applications, and in large organizations we see up to 20-30 different database technologies in production across the enterprise,” said Claudius Weinberger, CEO and co-founder of ArangoDB. “The enhancements in ArangoDB 3.5 on top of our native multi-model core enable developers to leverage other data models by just changing a query, giving them the freedom to create and run powerful applications while keeping their infrastructure lean and agile.”

Key features in ArangoDB 3.5 include:

  • SmartJoins: Co-located Join Operations Across Sharded Data
  • Streaming Transactions API: ACID transactions via language driver
  • Configurable Analyzers and Sorted Indexes: Search Engine Performance Improvements
  • k Shortest Path and PRUNE: Additional Graph Database Capabilities
  • Data Masking and Time-to-Live Index: Enhanced Data Security and Extended GDPR Compliance
  • Index Hints and Sort-Limit Optimization: Query Performance Improvements

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