Arcadia Data Advances BI on Data Lakes with Arcadia Enterprise 5.0

Arcadia Data, provider of a visual analytics software native to Apache Hadoop and the cloud, has announced the general availability of Arcadia Enterprise 5.0. The new release makes it simpler for business users to search and uncover insights from a wide variety of big datasets and also allows individuals to leverage natural language querying for search-based BI and granular mapping on all data. The NL capabilities effectively open BI to a wider audience of users in organizations.

In addition, Arcadia Instant 5.0 has also been introduced, and offers the Arcadia Data visualization capabilities in a freely downloadable package for unlimited desktop use.

According to Arcadia Data, today’s end users want faster access to more data without the IT involvement typically required of legacy tools and analytical environments. Data lakes are emerging as the modern architecture that can enable new levels of scale and agility. However, many traditional BI tools cannot take advantage of the opportunity modern big data platforms like Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, and the cloud offer. Additionally, these solutions only offer limited feature sets or only offer performance on smaller datasets.

As organizations search for BI solutions, they must identify tools that work in a modern BI environment. Addressing these concerns, Arcadia Data offers advanced visualization capabilities to give users more power when analyzing large datasets, including natural language querying with the search-based BI capabilities and dynamic mapping via the Mapbox GL integration to enable fine-grained, multi-dimensional, geospatial analysis on hundreds of thousands of geographic boundary shapes.

With Arcadia Enterprise 5.0 and Arcadia Instant 5.0, business analysts can quickly build visuals and dashboards without necessarily being experts in the underlying data or requiring heavy IT intervention. The search-based BI capability offers a simple interface so that even casual users can find quick answers to their business questions but data scientists and business analysts can also explore datasets to see what insights they can glean from the information in data lakes—and all users can incorporate these capabilities into their analytics workflows.

“Organizations must adapt their BI environments to meet today’s standards of on-demand analysis and quick action,” said Priyank Patel, co-founder and chief product officer, Arcadia Data. “To achieve these goals, leaders should look for solutions that incorporate capabilities like search-based BI and granular mapping, which are becoming must-have features for modern BI environments. Arcadia Enterprise and Arcadia Instant 5.0 deliver on the expectation of a fast and scalable approach to modern BI by providing these capabilities on the desktop of a wide variety of users.”

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