Arcadia Data Brings Visualization to Hadoop Data

Arcadia Data, a provider of a unified visual analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform for big data, is releasing Arcadia Enterprise, a solution that will run natively in Hadoop.

“We give the analyst the ability to do free-form exploration of the highest granularity of data in the Hadoop system,” said Priyank Patel, co-founder and chief product officer at Arcadia.

The company says the platform, dubbed Arcadia Enterprise, bypasses the restrictions of legacy BI and visualization tools by allowing users to work directly with their data on Hadoop.

“In the Hadoop space, I think our value proposition is unique in that we definitely go 100% native,” Patel said. “Any competitive solutions we have looked at require the end user to move the data out of the Hadoop platform. That move is extremely hard to do.”

Arcadia Enterprise runs natively on Hadoop nodes, connecting business users to Hadoop and leverages the scale, data and security infrastructure of the Hadoop cluster, for concurrent access across hundreds of users with near real-time response. A simple visual interface provides exploration and semantic modeling on the expansive depth of an enterprise’s data.  It models data continuously based on actual queries with Active Data Store and Accelerates the cycle of data production and consumption by eliminating the intermediate data stack technologies and appliances such as data warehousing, OLAP servers and data marts.

The platform provides end-users with drag-and-drop access to granular path analysis, flow and funnel algorithms, behavior-based segmentation and dimension/measure correlations through on-cluster execution. Additionally, it enables controlled sharing across stakeholders with visualizations that let business users drill deep within their authorized datasets via Web-first data-driven applications.

Business analysts, consumers of pre-built applications and data architects will benefit from Arcadia Enterprise, according to Patel.

This release comes after Arcadia announced in July that the company received $11.5 million in Series A funding along with launching Arcadia Instant, a free, downloadable version of the visual analytics portion of the Arcadia platform that enables business users to directly interact with data in Hadoop and use visualization tools with drag-and-drop ease.

“We raised that capital with the primary intent of investing in the engineering side of our organization to evolve Arcadia into a more enterprise rich and friendly platform,” Patel said. “At the same time we are building out our sales and marketing outreach to scale out what we have seen as very positive traction in our customers so far.”

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