Arcadia Data Launches Update to its Business Intelligence Platform

Arcadia Data, provider of real-time modern business intelligence (BI) platforms, is releasing Arcadia Enterprise 3.3, making significant upgrades to uncover real-time insights.

The new features - including Arcadia Smart Acceleration, advanced segmentation and cohort analytics, analytic extensions, and mobile and tablet support - unify real-time insights from streaming data with historical data discovery in a single view.

Arcadia Enterprise 3.3 facilitates real-time insights for applications in the IoT age.

By enabling access to next-gen data sources like Apache HBase, Apache Kudu, and now Apache Solr in the 3.3 release, Arcadia provides streaming data visualizations side by side with historical reports in integrated data applications.

Enterprise 3.3 accelerates performance for users and allows business analysts to explore, model, and refine all their data.

With new mobile and tablet support, users can now access Arcadia Data visuals and dashboards on the go.

Other new capabilities include micro-segmentation analytics, visual analytic extensions, and direct S3 Visualizations.

“Arcadia’s data-native architecture and unique on-cluster execution allows us to continually innovate and extend support for more data sources, analytic types and real-time capabilities,” said Priyank Patel, co-founder and chief product officer at Arcadia Data. “These enhancements tackle high-definition big data analytics on a dramatically simplified and real-time modern BI platform, allowing us to better deliver organizations with deep insights from real-time analysis at scale.”

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