Arcadia Data Unveils Platform to Transform Business Intelligence

Arcadia Data, provider of visual analytics and BI software, is launching Arcadia Enterprise to transform modern business intelligence for big data by delivering the power of BI.

Arcadia Enterprise, the flagship product from Arcadia Data, offers real-time streaming visualizations with granular, time-based filters; a built-in recommendation engine that offers users instant side-by-side visual comparisons for recommendations on the best data visualization techniques for their big data sets; support for cloud object stores such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS); and, support for complex types of data for immediate analytics on arrays, maps, and structs. Arcadia Enterprise runs visual analytics with these features natively in-cluster.

Users can leverage the platform to accelerate insights from BI on Hadoop and other big data platforms without moving data, bridging the gap between self-service data visualization and advanced analytics. Arcadia Data democratizes BI and analytics by enabling ultra-fast analytics and BI with agile drag-and-drop access specifically for business users.

“The data lake is a novel approach to data management that, in turn, requires a new approach to analytics, and Arcadia Data is at the forefront of this innovation,” said Priyank Patel, co-founder and chief product officer at Arcadia Data. “The advantages of an analytics and BI platform built specifically for data lakes in handling large scale and fast moving data are in stark contrast with outdated and antiquated approaches of trying to connect legacy tools to data lakes. It’s time to unleash the value of the data lake, and embrace a new approach to data lake BI with Arcadia Data.”

With the rapidly-changing variety and velocity of data within today’s organizations, creating a competitive edge is increasingly becoming a defining differentiator of business success. Driven by the rapidly-growing demand for event-stream processing and analytics, Arcadia Data released a native integration with Confluent’s KSQL, making streaming data accessible to business users via BI visualizations, ensuring they can act on real-time insights and help their company gain a competitive edge.

To help organizations quickly get started with visually exploring and analyzing data in Apache Kafka, Arcadia Data also released Arcadia Instant for KSQL, a freely downloadable package that includes Arcadia Instant, a desktop BI tool, along with Docker images for Apache Kafka and KSQL. By following the associated documentation, users quickly can set up a streaming visualization test environment on their desktop and build live dashboards.

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