Architecting a Modern Database with VoltDB

Constructing a modern database demands performance and ease of operations, both at scale. The performance aspect consists of two aspects: high-throughput and low-latency.

While many businesses take a multi-tier application approach to meet throughput demands, they're adding more latency with each additional tier.

A multi-tiered approach can bloat infrastructure needs by 50%-90% based on the number of additional layers. And when an infrastructure grows this large, so do the costs of managing it.

In a recent DBTA webinar Dheeraj Remella, director of solutions architecture at VoltDB, examined how to properly architect a modern database to operate at scale.

Requirements for a modern database include high performance, guarantees around low latency, provides automatic data and work distribution, predictable scalability with scale out capability, precision and accuracy, Remella explained.

Operational Requirements can vary from virtualization ready to containerization ready to operations automation ready along with working on premise or in the cloud, is global ready, or offers strategies for non-stop availability through planned activities.

VoltDB can help enterprises looking to architect, maintain, and balance databases, according to Ramella. VoltDB is a modern operational database that combines stream processing and transactions without sacrificing scale, performance, and accuracy.

VoltDB offers a single unified scale out layer for:

  • Ingestion either from a client or automatic ingestion through importers
  • Storage
  • Data processing
  • Single event processing
  • Complex/multi event processing
  • Standardized SQL based processing
  • Relational data model as against a Key/Value paradigm
  • Processing where data is, compared to moving data to a separate processing layer
  • Configurable exports to data sinks

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.