Arcion Boosts Real-Time CDC Technology with New Capabilities, Underpinned by Ongoing Proprietary Growth

Arcion, the real-time, in-memory change data capture (CDC) solution, is announcing a myriad of developments that forward Arcion’s mission of powering the next generation of AI and analytics applications with real-time, large-scale CDC data pipeline technology. Among these developments include new connectors, new partnerships, and new funding to fuel Arcion’s technological focus.

“The resulting forward momentum is incredible,” said Gary Hagmueller, CEO of Arcion. “These latest strides further position Arcion as the unrivaled leader in real-time, large-scale CDC data pipeline technology for the enterprise AI era and beyond, setting up the company for unprecedented growth and development well into the foreseeable future.”

To continue energizing the real-time data pipeline experience for big data, Arcion has released several new connectors—for Oracle, MySQL, and Snowflake—that radically leverage these databases’ underlying scalable architectures to deliver high throughput.

The connectors for Oracle and MySQL see an increase in throughput, offering 10x more than its previous iterations, according to the vendor.

The Snowflake connector—a first-of-its-kind native connector designed specifically for Snowflake—enables Arcion customers to easily replicate Snowflake-stored data to any platform. With improvements that see extreme per-table throughput and low latency, the Snowflake connector, as well as Arcion’s Databricks connector, takes data pipeline performance to the next level, according to the company.

In addition to Arcion’s growing set of capabilities, its partner ecosystem and customer base grow in tandem. The data pipeline innovator is now a part of Connect with Confluent, which offers real-time data streaming through a single integration, as well as accelerated growth, consumption, and go-to-market strategies for Confluent customers.

Arcion is also announcing its status as a technology partner for the Redis Data Integration (RDI) tool, enabling RDI to broaden its source coverage and increase performance for its CDC pipelines.

“Redis Data Integration (RDI) helps users synchronize existing databases with Redis Enterprise, helping them accelerate and scale their data access without coding or integration projects,” said Yaron Parasol, senior principal product manager at Redis. “With Arcion, RDI can extend its source coverage and provide a performant change data capture streaming pipeline that captures the changes and transforms the data to the best model for the application in near real time.”

Several new enterprises are taking advantage of Arcion’s data pipeline efficiency and reliability, including Chegg and Addepar

All  these innovations and ongoing growth developments are due in part to Arcion’s strong capital foundation, which sees significant growth thanks to Hewlett Packard Pathfinder, HPE’s venture capital program, according to the company. These funds will help to underpin Arcion’s ongoing investment in enabling real-time data mobility.

“We see demand continuing to grow for real-time analytics workloads as enterprises seek ways to maximize their data across on-prem and hybrid platforms,” said Ali Wasti, managing director at Hewlett Packard Pathfinder. “HPE chose to invest and partner with Arcion to complement the data fabric and unified analytics capabilities within HPE Ezmeral Software with Arcion’s real-time change data replication solution, allowing customers critical access to the freshest possible data.”

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