Arcion’s Latest Product Release Improves Data Access and Migration Capabilities

Arcion, a provider of a cloud-native, CDC-based data replication platform, is launching its latest product release to further extend their platform’s capability to cater towards ease of use and increased performance for data migration and access. The launch continues to address the issue of data trapped in transactional data silos, like Oracle, as well as migration of that data into a variety of cloud data warehouses. The product’s release comes after four years of development, adding dramatic depth to their products that help differentiate their service from anyone else on the market, according to the vendor.

“Whatever application, machine-learning, or analysis that you need to do, you should be free to architect it on whatever platform best suits the need, and not have to be stuck putting it into one place because that’s the only place where you can get the data out,” said Gary Hagmueller, CEO at Arcion. “The data should be free to come to you as a service, and that’s essentially the future we’re looking to empower.”

The world of moving data is becoming ever more important, according to the vendor. With Arcion’s promise of creating an accessible and efficient data migration platform, customers can replicate mission-critical transactional enterprise data to cloud-based data warehouses in real time at any scale, with guaranteed transactional integrity. Data trapped in transactional silos, regardless of complexity or capacity, can be extracted from old architectures into cloud-based platforms for holistic data migration with Arcion. This particular release will benefit Oracle users, data engineers, and IT operations teams through workload reduction and accessible program functions.

The latest release from Arcion enhances or introduces the following features:

  • Column transformation: eradicates staging of columns to conserve time efficiency for data engineers, and allows for combination/separation of columns on-the-fly as they move from one system to another
  • Native Oracle log reader: allows users to directly tap into logs without the need for a log-miner, as well as replicates large-scale data to cloud-based data platforms in real time with unlimited scalability and 10x faster ingestion speed
  • Scheme evolution: listens to the changes in both data and schemas and automatically propagates those aspects into the target system without manual intervention, improving ease of use and performance of data

Arcion emphasizes their focus on customer needs in regard to their platform, continuously looking to improve or integrate features that directly benefit the consumer. Through performance and ease of use improvement, Arcion puts the customer at the forefront.

“We are a very customer and user-oriented product team,” said Hagmueller. “Almost every one of the features in this release, and the ones that have come before, have largely been driven by the specific markets and technical requirements that our customers have.”

The future for Arcion ushers in further enhancements towards accessibility and performance quality, according to the vendor. Holistic coverage of both source and target systems is a continuous goal for Arcion, where the company hopes to enlarge the amount of systems that they support while adhering to the specific nuances in each one. In terms of accessibility, Arcion works to continuously simplify the lives of data workers through autonomous management functions and no-code frameworks. The company also aims to further provide high quality information to their consumers, so that they can maximize the value of their data, regardless of its source.

“We are in this very exciting part of our journey here,” said Hagmueller. “We’re now expanding our focus to a much broader marketbase that needs to take advantage of this most modern way of building data pipes out of transactional systems… this is a great time to engage with us because we are still super hungry for diverse and interesting input that can help us make a really great product, and while at the same time, serving the needs of our customers.”

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