Arcitecta and Spectra Logic Launch Two New Solutions for Cost-Effective, Efficient, and Intuitive Storage Access

Arcitecta, a creative and innovative data management software company, and Spectra Logic, a leader in data management and data storage solutions, are announcing the launch of two new solutions designed to reinvigorate and streamline data lifecycle management and performance—the Arcitecta Mediaflux + Spectra BlackPearl NAS solution and the Arcitecta Mediaflux + Spectra BlackPearl Object Storage solution.

These solutions from Arcitecta and Spectra Logic represent the combination of both enterprises’ strengths—innovative data management solutions and advanced technology development—to ease and optimize computing performance for enterprises generating massive quantities of data.

Pairing automatic tiering with complete data lifecycle management, simple administration, on-prem S3 object storage, infinite scalability, and easy access search and access control enables data-overwhelmed organizations to store data with reduced latency, at a cost-effective price. Data can be processed quickly by any NFS, SMB, or S3 application or workflow, further offering stored data massive scalability, robust security, high availability, high performance, and simplified controls and administration.

The Arcitecta Mediaflux + Spectra BlackPearl NAS solution differs from other open source solutions on the market today, having its NFS and SMB protocols developed in-house to optimize its performance and supportability, according to the vendor. Automatic tiering supplies enterprises with a global view of their data—regardless of the storage it’s located on—and delivers metadata harvesting, annotation, cataloging, and recording of all data provenance. Intelligent data movement and placement additionally ensures organizations that their data is where they need it, when they need it, affordably, according to the vendor.

“What's special about what we do in the NAS solution is we read and write to Black Pearl. And then below that, you can have a very cold tier out to tape, or warmer, warmer, warmer, all the way up to flash-based systems and Black Pearl,” explained Graham Beasley, COO at Arcitecta. “We connect the user to their data in the most expedient way, i.e., what’s the fastest data path?”

The joint NAS solution also offers enterprise-grade data protection, high availability through multiple storage nodes, and a centralized management interface, all under the umbrella of massive cost savings. Costs are mitigated by storing data on different types of media, determined by the data’s value and its frequency of access. Active, valuable data is stored on high-performance flash storage, while inactive data is stored on more cost-effective media, such as tape or object storage.

“We’re in a tape-based system behind Arcitecta’s Mediaflux, you’re [only] minutes from data,” said Matt Starr, CTO of Spectra Logic. “If it's as far out as we can get it, you're still only minutes from data. If you're on spin down disk, you’re a few seconds—half a second—to when the first byte is arriving.”

Similarly, the Arcitecta Mediaflux + Spectra BlackPearl Object Storage solution offers automatic tiering, easy access and access control, enhanced security, and high availability.

The solution stores objects within an on-prem object storage, driving down latency while simultaneously supporting hundreds of billions of objects within a single, manageable global namespace. It further supplies organizations with complete control over how their data is stored and managed, paired with a centralized management interface. Like the NAS solution, the companies’ Object Storage solution ensures that data is stored on different media according to its value and access frequency, keeping costs low and access intuitive.

“We compete against very, very big organizations. And a lot of them, their whole goal is just to get in there, and then kind of keep your data usage from generation to generation. Whereas we're totally vendor-neutral,” said Beasley. “What we're trying to do is encourage our customers to move the data to wherever it's most cost effective for what they can afford.”

“But in order to do that, we have to move the data constantly,” he added. “So, we deliberately do not charge, what we call, capacity-based pricing or data moved or data under manage. Our license model…is basically just the number of users of that data, and then it's up to us to move the data around optimally based on policies that the IT department sets up.”

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