Arcitecta’s Revolutionary Backup and Recovery Technology Ensures Protection at Scale

Arcitecta, a data management software company, is launching Mediaflux Point in Time, a backup and recovery technology that empowers scalable data resiliency. Building off of Arcitecta’s Mediaflux data fabric, the Point in Time solution employs metadata-based data protection for accelerated data recovery, enhanced protection, and mitigates cost and productivity expenditures when data is lost.

Citing IDC, Arcitecta emphasizes that the amount of new data created, captured, replicated, and consumed is anticipated to more than double in quantity from 2022 to 2026. Where there’s ever-increasing data, there is ample room for its loss, inciting a plethora of business-level challenges impacting success.

“The fundamental concepts of backup and recovery have changed little in the past 30 years, and older concepts that are now truisms have become limiting factors leading to unnecessarily long recovery times and excessive data loss in an era of petabyte data,” said Phil Goodwin, research vice president, IDC. “With Mediaflux Point in Time, Arcitecta aims to break the current backup and recovery paradigm and redefine data resilience at scale with a fresh approach to minimizing the cost and business impact of lost data."

Large-scale enterprises naturally look toward enterprise backup solutions; the current climate of these solutions, however, are not designed to handle the complexity and scale of modern data while achieving zero data loss, according to the vendor. They are similarly unable to confront cyberattacks that target large data organizations, leading to vulnerabilities capable of catastrophic enterprise outcomes.

Mediaflux Point in Time redefines backup and recovery for large scale enterprises, allowing users to return to any point in time to recover necessary files; encrypted data due to cyberattacks is also recoverable. As a software-defined solution, Point in Time integrates metadata-based, continuous inline data protection into Arcitect’s Mediaflux data fabric, embedding data protection within the framework of the enterprise’s data fabric. The solution captures every structural and data change in real-time, which is further recorded in Mediaflux’s high-performance database XODB and integrated with the file system.

“It’s continuous, incremental; every change is recorded. Every structural change in the file system is recorded indefinitely, and happens in real-time,” said Jason Lohrey, founder and CEO of Arcitecta. “As soon as you save files or files change, those are immediately transmitted to a backup location or duplicate copies.”

By virtualizing existing storage infrastructure, Mediaflux Point in Time provides continuous data protection, fast recovery, and zero data loss. The solution is the first line of defense against ransomware attacks, as Point in Time can revert to the point before the event and reverse damage in, at most, a few minutes, according to the vendor. Changes are instantly accessible; end users can find and recover data with a few clicks, as well as scroll with Point in Time’s time-slider to roll back the entire file system to a point prior to data loss. The GUI of Point in Time simplifies data location and access, allowing users to connect via their standard credentials, eliminating the need for IT assistance. Wildcard searches further empower users to find their data quickly, regardless of when and where it existed.

“With the merge of the file system and the database, we’ve got continuous generation of copies of the minimum number that you need to get genetic diversity and resilience. You can search across all time and find what you need and recover immediately. There’s no restore process, giving you continuous inline protection at scale for big data,” explained Lohrey.

Notably, Mediaflux Point in Time is compatible with any storage type, effectively merging differing storage within a single namespace and mount-point. Users can add or remove storage as needed, allowing the solution to adapt to enterprise changes. Regardless of vendor or type, Point in Time encourages a mix-and-match of storage to fit your unique infrastructure. The solution can run on dedicated hardware, virtual machines, containers, cloud infrastructure, as well as any combination of these environments; additionally, it supports multi-node scaling to conform to organization or user performance needs, both in hybrid and cloud deployments.

“Beyond meeting data recovery time requirements, a truly scalable solution must enable effective self-service for its data users, automated data placement for optimal business results, and enterprise-class data governance,” said Ken Clipperton, lead storage analyst, DCIG. “New approaches to data protection such as Arcitecta’s Point in Time provide a rapid recovery path to an operational state and make it possible for organizations to approach the ideal of zero RPO and zero RTO, even at scale.”

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