Arcserve Launches Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Service

Arcserve, LLC, a provider of data protection and recovery software and services, has launchyed the Arcserve Cloud, a service for off-site data protection. Integrated with the Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) Appliance, the Arcserve Cloud enables organizations to complete their data protection strategy with a means to achieve disaster recovery and business continuity. It also adds an option for Arcserve managed service providers to extend their data protection solution portfolio.

“As organizations increasingly turn to the cloud, they now have the opportunity to streamline their entire data management approach with Arcserve’s UDP platform,” said Mike Crest, CEO of Arcserve. “In one pane of glass, end users get the choice and flexibility they need to manage the scope of their environment – whether it be virtual, cloud, or physical – while also efficiently and effectively addressing their current and future data protection needs.”

The Arcserve Cloud will first be offered as a service extension to Arcserve’s UDP Appliance, which supports physical-to-physical, physical-to-virtual, and virtual-to-virtual connections. Encompassing global deduplication, encryption, compression, and WAN-optimized replication, the benefits of the cloud service go beyond critical data asset protection to offer advanced recovery capabilities such as Disaster Recovery as a Service, and offsite data retention.

To accelerate deployment and protection of their critical data, organizations have the option to copy data to a portable USB drive and then mail the drive to the Arcserve Cloud via a Jumpstart Courier Service. Built with Arcserve Unified Data Protection Recovery Point Server (RPS) replication technologies, organizations can also be assured their data is always secure. Data is protected with encryption end-to-end, at the source, in flight and in the cloud, using 256-bit AES encryption for your peace of mind.

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