Ardoq Solidifies its People First Approach with Latest Enterprise Architecture Enhancements

Ardoq, a SaaS company reinventing Enterprise Architecture (EA) for today’s digital enterprise, is providing new features for its Engagement Platform that changes how organizations approach enterprise architecture models.

These updates further enable enterprise architects to improve confidence in their data through agile governance, making the way organizations engage with their enterprise architecture models more inclusive, according to the vendor.

Ardoq’s new People-in-the-Graph metamodel makes people part of the architecture process. It’s a flexible tool which allows architects to collect and pinpoint the organization’s expertise, areas of ownership, and cross-functional dependencies. By including people in enterprise architecture, organizations have the data necessary to leverage the most powerful insights.

This functionality allows for the integration of people data directly from Azure Active Directory or a preferred single sign-on solution, simplifying the process of including people in the Ardoq platform.

In addition to Ardoq’s People-in-the-Graph, Ardoq’s Broadcasts detects where architecture has changed and automatically routes changes to the right person for review.

With this capability, hundreds of concurrent changes can be accurately routed to dozens of specialists across an organization for review on a continuous basis. Users can automatically send out surveys and alerts.

Users can also build workflows, using flexible rules to precisely target who receives what, so colleagues only receive survey invitations and timely alerts about things they know and actively care about.

“Organizations are looking for ways to make better, faster, and more accurate decisions to keep up with the pace of transformation,” said Erik Bakstad, Ardoq co-founder and CEO. “This is not just another feature in the Ardoq platform; we are taking a huge step toward offering a solution that allows organizations to keep their system landscape up-to-date over time without the need for additional resources.”

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