Armory Offers Developer Hub to Improve the Developer Experience

Armory, the Continuous Deployment (CD) company, is launching its developer hub to improve the developer experience with its developer-first declarative Continuous Deployment solution (Armory Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service). The release coincides with the company’s 7th anniversary.

Armory’s developer hub is an extensive site designed to enable developers and end-users to easily access in-depth information and learn at their own pace, using videos, tutorials, and reference docs. Every user, including Freemium tier users, will have full access to the site, allowing them to fully utilize their account.

“We as humans are enabled in different ways—whether it’s reading, viewing videos, or hands on tutorials—the commonality across all technical based enablement is that clear, simple, and understandable is crucial for the survival of any product. Especially one that is focused so much on improving the developer experience,” said Adam Frank, SVP of product and marketing at Armory.

According to the company, Armory’s Developer Hub empowers users to be more efficient and effective, aligning with the purpose of Armory’s Continuous Deployment solution—decrease the time and cognitive load it takes to deploy quality code and allow more time for innovation and creativity.

Armory has spent the past several months improving many aspects of their CD solution, all with a focus on the developer experience.

"We have a unique advantage as a company. Continuous deployment is critical to us delivering value to our customers, so our engineering team not only code our products, they consume them,” said Jim Douglas, CEO of Armory. “They live and breathe the developer experience daily, so it's front and center in all our product decisions."

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