Armory Releases Plugins to Extend the Power of Spinnaker for Continuous Deployment

Armory, the continuous deployment (CD) company, is releasing several plugins for Spinnaker that are designed to make the platform faster and more secure.

Spinnaker can help teams deploy software quickly, safely, and reliably. However, the platform presents technical and cost challenges when managing the growing number of accounts, configurations, credentials, resources and infrastructure overhead required for deployments at scale.

Ensuring operational compliance can be time-consuming and difficult across multiple deployment tools and environments. Manual management or homegrown tools lead to latency, complexity, fragility, and high costs, according to the vendor.

To solve these challenges for enterprises and mid-size businesses alike, Armory is introducing four new plugins that are fully compatible with open source Spinnaker.

  • Scale Agent - This plugin enables teams to easily, securely, and dynamically manage all Kubernetes deployments while also reducing infrastructure overhead and costs. Available now for all Armory Essentials and above packages.
  • Policy Engine - Using the policy engine plugin reduces operational risk, increases stability, and streamlines the adoption of modern DevSecOps practices. Available now for all Armory Essentials and above packages.
  • Pipelines-as-Code - Development teams can unite continuous deployment pipelines with application development to interact, configure and automate pipeline definitions as code. Coming Soon.
  • Secrets Manager - Sharing configurations in Git repos is ideal for source control repeatability and maintenance. Armory is creating a native integration with HashiCorp Vault, Google Cloud Storage, and AWS Secrets Manager to improve the Spinnaker Secrets Manager experience. Coming Soon.

“The Armory crew believes in the power of community and is committed to enabling continuous deployment for everyone, at any scale,” said Adam Frank, VP of product and marketing at Armory. “Creating new deployment, security and observability capabilities for users of open source Spinnaker was an easy decision for us.”

These plug-ins are available as Premium plugins to open source Spinnaker within Armory’s commercial packages, and provide additional functionalities within Armory’s Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted and Managed products. More Spinnaker-boosting features are planned in 2023.

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