Armory’s 2.28 Product Release Continues to Accommodate Company Growth and Scale

The continuous deployment (CD) company,, is launching its CD Self-Hosted and Managed 2.28 product release for development teams seeking to continuously deploy software at a variety of scales in a trusted and straightforward mode. According to the vendor, a large focus of this product release is to aid elite developer teams execute code seamlessly. Upon deployment of the code, CD Self-Hosted and Managed will handle processes like testing, staging, and production.

Long Term Support (LTS) is now offered within Armory’s latest release, promising its users with a reliable platform for deployment in face of complicated use cases for development teams. Other features will tackle customer pain points within Terraform outputs and parallel pipelines, such as the Terraformer Show Stage, which provides pipeline automation for quality tests, remote backend support for Terraform Enterprise and Terraform Cloud, as well as Max Concurrent Pipeline Executions for controlling the quantity of maximum parallel pipeline executions. These enhancements are due in part to user-requested items from both general users and the Spinnaker community, who were essential to the updating process, according to the vendor.

“At its core, Armory is invested in addressing customer pain points and making continuous deployment a safe, reliable, and scalable asset to developer teams. What we’ve seen from our customers is, above all else, the need to continue innovating the software to evolve alongside changing developer needs and technology,” said Jim Douglas, CEO of “CD Self-Hosted and Managed 2.28 is our next leap forward. 2.28 provides enterprise-grade Spinnaker that addresses complex use cases elite development teams encounter. Armory’s Long Term Support (LTS) release includes exhaustive functional testing of all community code commitments, enhanced plug-ins and CVE remediation.”

According to the vendor, Armory is prepared for whatever complex customer use cases come next and is regularly working towards improvements to the software. Part of these updates include the Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service launch, which necessitates renaming of self-hosted and managed offerings provided by Armory. These include:

  • Armory Enterprise is now Armory Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted
  • Armory Enterprise Managed is now Armory Continuous Deployment Managed
  • Armory Agent for Kubernetes is now Armory Scale Agent for Spinnaker & Kubernetes

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