Arvato and GBTEC Introduce New Connector to SAP

Arvato Systems and GBTEC have joined forces with process mining service Apromore to develop a process mining connector to SAP, providing greater transparency to businesses that use SAP systems.

“More and more customers focus on the digitalization of their processes, structures and services,” said Gregor Greinke, CEO of GBTEC. “ERP systems such as SAP in particular benefit from a data-driven management of their processes. With many years of SAP excellence and over 400 SAP experts around the world, Arvato Systems is the right partner to intelligently link process mining and SAP.”

The SAP interface provides standard transfers for crucial end-to-end processes along with top IT and data security. The connector supports end-to-end processes that include order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and record-to-report.

The companies say the modules are “complemented by custom performance dashboards built on top of Apromore/BIC Process Mining,” which allows managers to track relevant performance indicators for all critical processes.

GBTEC and Arvato have worked together for several years on process management, having carried out more than 100 projects in the last decade.

“Enterprises that want to better understand their SAP processes, design them efficiently and make them fit for the future will benefit from this new integration capability,” said Oliver Becker, Ph.D., vice president at Arvato Systems. “With intelligent process recognition and analysis, complete processes can now be created almost completely from automation, saving companies time and money at every step of the process.”

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