As Mainframe Turns 50, IBM Launches New System z Offerings

IBM marked the 50th anniversary of the mainframe today. Currently, more than 70% of enterprise data resides on a mainframe and 71% of all Fortune 500 companies have their core businesses on a mainframe, said IBM, which is introducing new mobile, storage, cloud, and Hadoop for big data offerings for System z to further accelerate growth.

The new mobile offerings for System z include new IBM System z Solution for Mobile Computing providing clients with a platform for the rapid development and deployment of mobile applications and the complete integration of these with their core business processes, applications and data. IBM is also unveiling a new flexible pricing model for mobile mainframe clients that will allow them to pay only for the computing capacity they need and use.

IBM also announced zDoop software, developed by Veristorm in conjunction with IBM, which is the industry’s first commercial Hadoop for Linux on System z. According to IBM, this will help clients to avoid staging and offloading of mainframe data to maintain existing security and governance controls.

And, to aid customers in building  reliable public or private clouds with ease, IBM Enterprise Cloud Server is being introduced as a pre-configured factory built system combining hardware, storage and cloud management software based on OpenStack technology. According to IBM, this will allow MSPs to capture higher value workloads like database and middleware and customers to rapidly deploy a secure cloud environment on System z.  

Additional new offerings include Flash for mainframe which provides flash storage on IBM DS8870,Continuous Integration for System z which can compress the application delivery cycle from months to weeks or days, a  new version of IBM CICS Transaction Server that provides enhanced mobile and cloud support for CICS, IBM WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect for fast,secure enablement of web, cloud and mobile access to z/OS assets, and IBM Security zSecure SSE to help prevent malicious computer attacks with enhanced security intelligence and compliance reporting.

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