Newsletters Now Supports Amazon Redshift Serverless to Accelerate Onboarding of Data Engineering and Analytics Engineering, the data automation cloud, is providing support for Amazon Redshift Serverless powered on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), a fully managed petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse.

With support for Amazon Redshift Serverless, data teams can use the highly automated Ascend platform to quickly and seamlessly accelerate data engineering and analytics engineering workflows across their Amazon Redshift Serverless environment.

Building on Amazon Redshift’s extensive machine learning and data analysis capabilities, Ascend’s Data Automation Cloud unifies the core capabilities of data engineering—data ingestion, transformation, delivery, orchestration, and observability—into a seamless experience, according to the vendor.

Backed by Ascend’s DataAware intelligence, Ascend’s Data Automation Cloud analyzes and monitors end-to-end workflows, enhancing the movement of up to trillions of records by dynamically responding to changes in data, schema, and code within seconds.

“Many of our customers are turning to Amazon Redshift Serverless to rapidly scale their data analytics initiatives,” said Sean Knapp, founder and chief executive officer at “With our latest support for Amazon Redshift Serverless, Ascend users can now easily connect to and from Amazon Redshift’s fully managed data warehouse. This allows them to easily and rapidly scale their data analytics initiatives, while benefiting from Ascend’s full spectrum of data and analytics engineering automation capabilities.”

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